About 1ON1

Connecting Students and Teachers Around The World Online

1ON1 was created out of a vision that aims to connect students with the best teachers possible, and teachers with the best students possible, regardless of their location. Thanks to advancements in technology, and experience teaching online, we are able facilitate an experience online that meets or exceeds lessons in person.

Our Teachers

Teachers at 1ON1 are handpicked with and trained to help you you succeed at piano. As a student, you are invited to contact us with your goals and we will help you select the teacher that best fits your needs. As a teacher, you are invited to get in touch with us and find out if 1ON1 is a good fit for you

American Piano Studio Courses

At 1ON1, our goal is to provide students with courses that will set them up for success in music. For beginners, we offer a leveled piano curriculum designed to provide students with milestones of progress designed by pianists with decades of piano experience. For any student aspiring to be a music major in college, we offer a piano course that prepares the student for the keyboard proficiency placement exams at most music schools around the United States, so that the student test out of class piano and save the time and thousands of dollars of credits that go into piano proficiency classes for music majors. For advanced students, we offer lessons with artist-level teachers, and our app may be used to connect with the artist of their choice, so that the nuances of an advanced lesson may be experienced online in real time.

American Piano Studio Technology

Our technology is clean, cutting edge, and developed in-house. With 1ON1™ , rather than adapting a video chat platform, we developed our own app from the ground up to teach piano online. It was developed based on the experience of our founders as they taught lessons online, and we continually update it to improve the online lesson experience. Because 1ON1™ connects the instruments to one another, sound quality is excellent, and on acoustic digital pianos, users are able to see the keys being played.


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