The Virtual Piano Lessons Mission:

At Virtual Piano Lessons, our dream is to see every child who loves music connected with teachers who can help them succeed at playing the piano.

The Story Behind 1ON1 Piano

The story of 1ON1 Piano begins with rural Washington State and a little boy who loved music. That boy was Paul Adams, inventor of 1ON1 Piano. Paul dreamed of playing piano freely and virtuosically like the pianists on his CDs, but where he lived, the best teachers were 5 hours away. It wasn’t until college that Paul got to learn from teachers who could take him here he wanted to go, and it was there that he experienced online piano-to-piano technology that could have connected him with great teachers as a child despite his rural residence. As he became a piano teacher himself, the idea of making online piano-to-piano teaching technology available to everyone with an internet connection never left his mind. So, when he graduated with a Master’s in Piano, he founded Virtual Piano Lessons and developed 1ON1 Piano. He designed 1ON1 Piano with the core features that make online piano lessons as good as in-person lessons, and he developed the app with a small, agile, stateside development firm so that he could continually refine 1ON1 Piano to fit the needs of teachers and students.

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