About 1ON1

1ON1 was developed through of decades of experience teaching piano online. We believed that we could do it better and so we created an app that is designed for teaching piano rather than adapting a platform to teaching piano.

1ON1 Piano has all the features you need for successful Online Piano Lessons, giving anyone who has a phone or tablet access to an online piano lesson experience so good that it rivals in-person lessons. Developed by piano teachers and piano students, 1ON1 Piano has the following features:
Features For Teachers:
  • 1ON1 Piano™ is Available on iOS, Android, and MacOS
  • Teachers may use 1ON1 Piano™ one month for free, and 1ON1 Piano™ is free for Students.
  • 1ON1 Piano™ allows switching cameras on the fly during a video session so that users can see what they need to for effective demonstration. Teachers who use 1ON1 Piano on a Mac may connect may connect up to 16 cameras that may be used through during a lesson!
  • Curriculum and sheet music may be viewed inside of the app with an easy swipe.
  • Sound quality is optimized for piano lessons, providing both a clear voice pickup for instruction, and a full-spectrum profile for recording the instrument.
  • Most innovative of all is 1ON1 Piano's ability to transmit MIDI data in real time. This means that any time digital or hybrid pianos are connected to the app, the piano sends and receives the notes that are played to the other instrument instead of playing audio through the tiny speakers on your device. On a hybrid piano, the keys will move in real time as the instructor or student plays. On a digital piano, the sound will come from the instrument rather than from the phone, computer or tablet. If you are new to MIDI, 1ON1 makes the process of connecting to your digital or hybrid instrument easy with a built-in setup guide that will tell you exactly what cables you need to connect to your instrument, and show you how to connect them with videos.
  • Connecting to new students is easy too, with no codes or cumbersome links: just tap the plus button, enter the email address of the other user, choose “invite,” and you can start your lesson.
Features For Students:
  • 1ON1 Piano™ is available on iOS, Android, and MacOS
  • Clean, intuitive interface. Easy to switch from current platform.
  • Free to use with a subscribing teacher.
  • Easy onboarding with no codes or access links to copy.
Features for Parents:
  • Security: 1ON1 Piano™ uses end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer technology with low-latency.
  • Privacy: 1ON1 Piano™ is COPPA compliant so that parents can feel safe about children taking lessons on the platform.
Try 1ON1 Piano™ Today: it's simple, and it's the best.
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