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The Best App for Online Piano Lessons
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The Best App for Online Piano Lessons

The Online Piano Lesson App You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’re anything like us, you are looking for more from your piano teaching app. 1ON1 Piano combines video, audio, and a real-time piano-to-piano connection to enhance your online piano lessons. This means that the sound from the other user is reproduced by your instrument and not the tiny speakers on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It is finally possible to hear and play all the nuances online that you can in person.

Accessible and Compatible

1ON1 Piano makes piano-to-piano connections on all brands of Digital Pianos, and on Hybrid Instruments from Yamaha, Steinway, and QRS. 1ON1 Piano features a built-in connection tool that guides you to what you need to connect and how to do it. No technical background is needed to take advantage of piano-to-piano connection technology and optimize your online piano lesson experience.

Easy Onboarding

1ON1 Piano is free for students to use, and there are no links or codes to share; the student simply accepts the email invite from the teacher and begins the lesson immediately. With our simple interface, your student will spend their time learning piano, not learning to use the app.

Real-Time Camera Switching

1ON1 Piano lets users switch through their cameras quickly during a session. Mac users may connect up to 16 cameras that can be cycled through during a lesson. 1ON1 Piano lets you connect inexpensive webcams to your Mac that may be placed where you need them to demonstrate exactly what you are teaching.

High Sound Quality

1ON1 Piano optimizes to your piano and uses Peer-to-Peer technology to provide a low-latency connection and high bit-rate sound that is optimized for music and not only speech. That means that there will be very little delay and great sound, allowing for duets and the ability to teach nuance online.

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