One On One Piano Lessons Made Easy

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Access to Teachers

APS gives students all over the world access to great teachers. Lessons take place in the comfort of your own home, wherever you live, with sound quality as good as if your teacher were right beside you.

Convenience of Use

Our clean, robust app provides live sound quality in the privacy of your own home. Parents avoid the hassle of taking kids to and from lessons, and can provide their children with teachers who are a good match.

Access to Students

Piano teachers know that finding students is not easy. APS pairs teachers with students, providing a student pool the size of the world and the sound quality of a physical studio thanks to DIGITO™.

Relevant Courses

APS gives you what you need to succeed at music. We offer leveled curriculum for beginners, a course to help aspiring music majors pass keyboard proficiency, and access to artist-level teachers.

What is APS


APS is a virtual piano studio that exists online. We provide real teachers to give real-time feedback to piano students. No pre-recorded lessons or impersonal apps, just time-proven piano lessons in a new venue


DIGITO™ is a revolutionary app that we created specifically to make APS a reality. Gone are the days of piano lessons over video chat with poor sound quality. No more sending videos back and forth with a teacher and long trips to a piano teacher. The future is here.
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