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My name is Paul Adams, and I am the creator of 1ON1 Piano. I have taught piano for almost 20 years, and like most teachers, I like to teach in person and demonstrate form, technique, and tone. There’s something special about being able to sit next to your student and play at a level that inspires them to love music.

I wasn’t satisfied with teaching online

I couldn’t give students what they needed online. My choices were apps that were made for voice and sounded bad as music teaching apps, or complicated music teaching apps that were difficult to use and required perfect internet connections to work. I didn’t want my students to miss out on music, so I kept teaching in person.

Then I experienced the potential of piano-to-piano

While I was in graduate school, I had the opportunity to use piano-to-piano technology to teach students in an underserved part of Kansas City. As a piano student who also loves technology, it was my job to keep the system working too. I got to know piano-to-piano well and loved how it let me teach online with perfect clarity, and I wished there was an app that synchronized video chat and piano-to-piano, and made it intuitive to use.

So I created 1ON1 Piano

I took what I learned in Kansas and created 1ON1 Piano. It’s an app that is easy to use, is available as a dedicated app on Apple and Android, and uses piano-to-piano technology so that I can play the student’s instrument online just like I do in person. I can even switch through camera views with one button tap to show them exactly what they need to see to learn. Finally my online students can be as successful as if they were learning in person.

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