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Learn piano remotely from the comfort of your home. Designed specifically for piano lessons by people who both teach and study piano, 1ON1 Piano is great for parents, students, and teachers!

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How it Works

1ON1 Piano’s differentiator is its ability to transmit piano-to-piano data in real-time. This means that any time digital or hybrid pianos are connected to the app, the piano sends and receives the notes that are played to the other instrument instead of playing audio through the tiny speakers on your device.

Hybrid Piano

On a hybrid piano, the keys will move in real-time as the instructor or student plays.

Digital Piano

On a digital piano, the sound will come from the instrument rather than from the phone, computer, or tablet.

If you are new to piano-to-piano, 1ON1 Piano makes the process of connecting to your digital or hybrid instrument easy with a built-in setup assistant that tells you exactly what cables you need to connect to your instrument, and shows you how to connect them with videos.

1ON1 Piano: The Difference You Can Hear

Listen to a comparison between 1ON1 Piano and a Zoom session that is using high quality microphones and high fidelity music mode

1ON1 Piano Spotlight Features

1ON1 Piano has all the features you need to successfully learn piano online, giving anyone who has a phone or tablet access to an online piano lesson experience so good that it rivals in-person lessons. Designed by Piano Teachers and Piano Students, 1ON1 Piano includes the following features:

Low Latency and High Quality Sound

1ON1 uses a peer-to-peer connection that enables collaboration, duets, and instant response time. Sound is designed for music rather than voice with full-spectrum and high bit rate.

Easy Multiple Cameras

Users can easily connect and switch between cameras without interrupting a session to show every view of a technique or performance.

Easy Onboarding

It’s easy to invite other users to 1ON1 Piano — just add a contact and let them accept the invite. It’s also easy to learn to use 1ON1 Piano so that you spend your time learning piano and not how to use the app.

Real Time Piano-to-Piano

Users with Digital Pianos can connect their pianos in real-time for unmatched sound quality and realism! Hybrid pianos including PianoDisc, Yamaha Disklavier, Steinway Spirio R, and QRS, will move their own keys as they are played during a session.

For Teachers


  • 1ON1 Piano allows switching cameras on the fly during a video session so that users can see what they need to for effective demonstration. Teachers who use 1ON1 Piano on a Mac may connect up to 16 cameras that may be switched through during a lesson!
  • Sound quality from piano-to-piano is clear, enabling you to demonstrate tone, articulation, and phrasing, and latency is low, allowing you to play duets and collaborate.
  • Connecting to new students is easy too, with no codes or cumbersome links: just tap the plus button, enter the email address of the other user, choose “invite,” and you can start your lesson.
  • Teachers and students can share their screens, make markings on music, and save a capture of the markings they make into a cloud that is shared between student and teacher.

For Students


  • Clean, intuitive interface.
  • Free to use with a subscribing teacher.
  • Easy onboarding with no codes or access links to copy.
  • Students have access to a cloud that stores curriculum and lesson notes that have been shared with them so that they can easily practice the content visited in a lesson

For Parents


  • Privacy: 1ON1 Piano is COPPA compliant so that parents can feel safe about children taking lessons on the platform.
  • Security: 1ON1 Piano uses end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer technology with low latency.

Start Teaching Today!

Download the best online
piano lessons app available
on multiple devices.

Download on the App Store

Start Teaching Piano Today!

Download the best online piano lessons app available on multiple devices.

Download on the App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

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1ON1 Piano App

1ON1 Piano is an app that uses piano-to-piano technology to teach and play piano online with excellent clarity of sound.

1ON1 Piano works by synchronizing piano-to-piano data with video chat so that you are connected to the other user’s piano in real time during a lesson. You start by downloading 1ON1 Piano any of the following devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. When you open 1ON1 Piano, it guides you through the process of connecting your piano so that you won’t need any technical background to enjoy the incredible quality of piano-to-piano technology. Piano-to-piano is efficient, so you won’t need high bandwidth, and latency is very low. You won’t need a mic to pick up the piano, and the sound won’t be coming from the tiny speakers on the other users phone, tablet, or laptop; instead the sound comes from something made for music: the users instrument! What this means for teachers is that during a session, they can demonstrate tone quality, articulation, phrasing, and more just as well online as in person. 1ON1 Piano brings piano-to-piano to all the major brands of piano through its setup assistant, videos, and compatibility with the devices that people already have.

Go to the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store, and type “1ON1 Piano”, or follow these links.

Download on the App Store
  • Download 1ON1 Piano from the app store (Apple Store or Google Play)
  • Create a 1ON1 Piano account by signing in on your device.
  • If you are a teacher, click the subscription tool and purchase your preferred plan.
  • Locate your contacts and send an invite.
  • As a student, accept your teacher’s invite to begin your first session.
  • For further help, contact our 1ON1 Piano support team for assistance setting up the app.

Piano-to-piano means that while connected to one another over the internet, two pianos can send and receive data to and from each other, allowing one piano to play the other, and vice versa. Instead of capturing the audio with a microphone and reproducing it with speakers like normal video chat, piano-to-piano sends data from one piano to the other that describes how it was played, so that the receiving piano perfectly replicates the playing of the sending piano.

Yes. 1ON1 Piano uses end-to-end encryption to keep your session safe.

1ON1 Piano Compatibility

Yes. Your keyboard has a data port on it that sends and receives piano-to-piano data. Your keyboard will be connected within 1ON1 Piano to your phone, tablet, or Mac, and that piano-to-piano data will be sent to the other user so that their piano reproduces what you play. Instead of using the speakers on your phone, tablet, or Mac to hear what you play, the piano of the receiving user will reproduce the sound so that every nuance and voicing can be heard, and you both enjoy superior quality sound.

1ON1 Piano accepts five different methods of connection, including Bluetooth. Your digital piano will have one or more of the acceptable ports on it, and we can guide you through which specific cable or adapter you’ll need to join your instrument with 1ON1 Piano. Use the connection tool in 1ON1 Piano or use this questionnaire to get you to the right equipment.

1ON1 Piano works with most Apple iPhones and Android smartphones, as well as most iPads and Android tablets. For specific requirements, visit your Apple or Google play store to see if your device is compatible. You can also contact our 1ON1 Piano support team and we will make sure you have a compatible device.

1ON1 Piano works only with Mac computers, either a desktop or laptop computer made by Apple. For specific requirements, visit your Apple store to see if your computer is compatible. You can also contact our 1ON1 Piano support team and we will make sure you have a compatible computer.

1ON1 Piano works with all acoustic pianos. With a proper microphone, the lesson experience is still optimal for online piano teaching. In addition, the piano-to-piano technology will provide improved sound quality as it’s sent and received digitally from one piano to the other, playing back through your instrument, rather than using the small, insufficient speakers on any of your devices.

A hybrid piano is a traditional acoustic piano with an upgrade. Hybrid pianos are fitted with solenoids that physically move the keys to reproduce the piano-to-piano data it receives. They also may have sensors that record the movements of their keys when someone plays them so that they can send data to other pianos. While playing a hybrid piano feels exactly like playing a traditional acoustic piano, watching a hybrid piano play itself is an awe-inspiring experience.

Yes. Digital pianos and hybrid pianos use the same language for piano-to-piano

Yes. 1ON1 Piano works with the Steinway Spirio R, which can both send and receive piano-to-piano data. It also works on some Steinway Spirios (Steinway Spirios have playback-only functionality and some do not have a port to connect to piano-to-piano). If you have questions about whether your Spirio will work for piano-to-piano, contact our 1ON1 Piano support team and we will help you sort it out.

Yes. 1ON1 Piano works with QRS pianos. There are several generations of QRS and they each need individual configuration.  If you have questions on how to configure your QRS piano, check out this video on how to connect to the latest QRS piano (pnomation3) or contact our 1ON1 Piano support team.

Yes. 1ON1 Piano works with Yamaha Disklavier pianos. There are several generations of Disklavier and they each need individual configuration. If you have questions on how to configure your Disklavier, contact our 1ON1 Piano support team.

Yes. Steinway Spirio R plays and records using piano-to-piano data like nearly every other digital and hybrid piano.

Yes. All brands of digital and hybrid piano use the same language for piano-to-piano.

1ON1 Piano Features

While there are many different video chat apps available on the market, now included in that list is 1ON1 Piano. 1ON1 Piano enhances the user experience, for both teacher and student, by combining every aspect needed for a better online lesson. 1ON1 Piano will give you what you need to enhance your piano lessons, both audibly and visually, while reducing your needed equipment/software.

1ON1 Piano sends piano-to-piano data between users in an upgraded, high resolution MIDI format. Combining this data with a piano, the exact finger movements of the sending piano are precisely replicated by the receiving piano. MIDI data describes the mechanical movement of your fingers (what note you play, how hard you play it, and how long you play it). In 1ON1 Piano, your instrument reproduces the sound using this high resolution MIDI data, the sound quality is extremely high.

1ON1 Piano has extremely low latency because it uses peer-to-peer technology and an efficient piano-to-piano data stream that conserves bandwidth.

In computer networking, latency is an expression of how much time it takes for a data packet to travel from one designated point to another. With lower latency, communication speeds increase, allowing for a seamless connection.

Not only does 1ON1 Piano offer high quality audio within its video chat feature, but it also contains powerful software designed to connect any digital piano to another, eliminating the need for an expensive microphone and speakers.  

At this moment, no. We are continually adding features, and chat will be coming soon. Stay tuned for further updates!

To know if someone is calling you, you must have the app open. You will see a message appear, and you will hear an audible ringtone. In the near future, we will have push notifications available.

Yes! 1ON1 Piano uses peer-to-peer technology, so it has very little latency, and on a healthy internet connection, you can easily play duets with another person. Furthermore, piano-to-piano data is very efficient, so it performs well on international calls and in limited bandwidth scenarios.

You can share files using email or a messenger app, save them to your device, and then open them in the viewer on 1ON1 Piano.

Yes, we can! We got our start at 1ON1 Piano by developing software for a piano-to-piano online teaching program at the University of Kansas, and our team members teach using piano-to-piano. We have expertise in installing hybrid pianos, setting up networks, and connecting them to your devices, and can come to your site to make sure that everything runs perfectly. We offer setup support packages for enterprise and educational needs.

1ON1 Piano Subscriptions

1ON1 Piano is free for everyone to use, allowing an unlimited amount of received calls. Subscriptions give you the additional ability to place a call. Once subscribed to 1ON1 Piano, you can place an unlimited amount of calls. Subscriptions are managed through the app store where you first bought a subscription. For instance, if you first bought a subscription through Apple, it will be honored in the Google store, but you will need to manage it through Apple.  

You manage your subscriptions/billing through your play store, whether it’s Apple or Google Play. With any of the major credit cards available, you can simply click to purchase and your data will be encrypted within the app store. For more questions regarding billing, contact our 1ON1 Piano support team.

1ON1 Piano is free for students of a teacher with a subscription. Subscriptions simply allow you to place a call. As a student you can receive unlimited calls for free. If you would like to place calls, you will need a subscription to 1ON1 Piano.

Yes! Subscriptions will work even if you have access to more than one device for the app. Subscriptions are managed through the app store where you first bought a subscription. If you first bought your subscription through Apple, it will be honored in the Google Play store, but you manage it through Apple. The same for an Android subscription – it will be honored in the Apple store but managed through Google Play.

No extra cost. Once activated, your one subscription works with your account information on any of the Mac, Android, or Apple devices.

Equipment and Gear

We engineered 1ON1 Piano to provide piano-to-piano connectivity on any combination of digital and hybrid piano, and any mix of Android, iOS device, or Mac. You may need to purchase an inexpensive cable or adapter to connect to 1ON1 Piano to connect the piano you have to the device you have. Whether it’s an old digital keyboard in your home or a Steinway grand piano at your school, it will work perfectly with 1ON1 Piano. 1ON1 Piano walks you through purchasing the adapter you will need, and we also have a questionnaire to get you the right cable that you can try here.

This depends entirely on both the model of your instrument and the model of whichever smartphone, tablet, or computer you’re using with 1ON1 Piano. Our questionnaire within the app as well as on our website can guide you to getting the correct cable for your setup.

You can connect any USB camera to your Mac. You may connect webcams, and you may also connect a USB camera capture device from a professional camera to your Mac for ultra-high-resolution sessions or concerts. We recommend webcams with 100 degrees or more of viewing angle so that you can get the entire keyboard in the shot. For more information on recommended cameras, check out our free PDF. You can also contact our 1ON1 Piano support team and we can help you get the most out of your setup.

There are tons! Contact our 1ON1 Piano support team and we will share a guide that tells you everything you need to know to get the most out of piano-to-piano.

Currently phone and tablet manufacturers do not support connecting external cameras, but we make it easy to switch between the front and back cameras on your phone or tablet. We recommend mounting it on a ball mount tripod so that you can easily swivel it into position. Click here to see our recommended tripod. For details on how the setup works, check out our free PDF. for connecting cameras to 1ON1 Piano, or contact our 1ON1 Piano support team and we can get you set up properly.

Getting Connected

It’s simple. Open 1ON1 Piano, use the connection assistant, and it will guide you step-by-step through the process of connecting to your piano. The 1ON1 Piano Youtube channel also has tutorial videos to help you connect. Click here to see the playlist.

Yes, we can. 1ON1 Piano has a setup assistant to guide you through everything you need, and we have more connection tools on our website. If you still need help, you may contact our 1ON1 Piano Support team and we will be happy to guide you through the process. We also offer setup support packages for enterprise and educational needs.


First, re-check your cable connections and make sure your piano is turned on. Within the app, you can locate the Advanced Settings tool, but the best way is to contact our 1ON1 Piano support team and we will get you on your way in no time.

From the contacts menu, you must send an invite via email. Once the invitation is accepted, that contact will be visible in your contacts list. From there, a teacher can initiate the first session via video call. For other troubleshooting questions, contact our 1ON1 Piano support team.

Start Teaching Piano Today!

Download the best online piano lessons app available on multiple devices.

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Start Teaching Today!

Download the best online
piano lessons app available
on multiple devices.

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