1ON1 Piano Features

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Does 1ON1 Piano have good sound quality?

Not only does 1ON1 Piano offer high quality audio within its video chat feature, but it also contains powerful software designed to connect any digital piano to another, eliminating the need for an expensive microphone and speakers.  

How do I know when someone is calling me?

To know if someone is calling you, you must have the app open. You will see a message appear, and you will hear an audible ringtone. In the near future, we will have push notifications available.

Does 1ON1 Piano provide chat?

At this moment, no. We are continually adding features, and chat will be coming soon. Stay tuned for further updates!

Can I share files?

You can share files using email or a messenger app, save them to your device, and then open them in the viewer on 1ON1 Piano.

Can you help me start a teaching program at my school that uses piano-to-piano technology?

Yes, we can! We got our start at 1ON1 Piano by developing software for a piano-to-piano online teaching program at the University of Kansas, and our team members teach using piano-to-piano. We have expertise in installing hybrid pianos, setting up networks, and connecting them to your devices, and can come to your site to make …

Can you help me start a teaching program at my school that uses piano-to-piano technology? Read More »

What is latency?

In computer networking, latency is an expression of how much time it takes for a data packet to travel from one designated point to another. With lower latency, communication speeds increase, allowing for a seamless connection.

Can I play duets with 1ON1 Piano?

Yes! 1ON1 Piano uses peer-to-peer technology, so it has very little latency, and on a healthy internet connection, you can easily play duets with another person. Furthermore, piano-to-piano data is very efficient, so it performs well on international calls and in limited bandwidth scenarios.