1ON1 Piano Subscriptions

These are questions related to 1ON1 Piano subscriptions

How can I pay for a subscription?

You manage your subscriptions/billing through your play store, whether it’s Apple or Google Play. With any of the major credit cards available, you can simply click to purchase and your data will be encrypted within the app store. For more questions regarding billing, contact our 1ON1 Piano support team.

Do I need to pay for 1ON1 Piano if I’m a student?

1ON1 Piano is free for students of a teacher with a subscription. Subscriptions simply allow you to place a call. As a student you can receive unlimited calls for free. If you would like to place calls, you will need a subscription to 1ON1 Piano.

How do the subscriptions work?

1ON1 Piano is free for everyone to use, allowing an unlimited amount of received calls. Subscriptions give you the additional ability to place a call. Once subscribed to 1ON1 Piano, you can place an unlimited amount of calls. Subscriptions are managed through the app store where you first bought a subscription. For instance, if you …

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