Why 1ON1 Piano Sounds So Much Better

why 1ON1 Piano sounds so much better

Recently some of us where laughing at this meme on social media. While it describes one of many frustrations we have with online lessons as teachers, it also shows why 1ON1 Piano sounds so much better. We can go to a lot of effort to make sure that the online lesson experience is good on our end, only to have a student suffer poor sound quality because they are using basic hardware. But who can blame them? They are just learning music, so they don’t know how to set up a microphone or what speakers make good sound, and trying to get better equipment can be prohibitive. So, do we just accept those limitations and laugh at memes about it, or is there a better way?

At 1ON1 Piano, we passionately believe that we have found a better way, and we want to share that with you. Traditional online music lesson apps get the instrument sound to the student inefficiently. They capture audio with a microphone, compress it, send all that data through the internet to the other device, and finally replay for the student, usually on a small speaker. As you can imagine, there are many ways to lose audio quality in that process, even with newer apps that boast improved sound quality. The animation below shows all the points where things can go wrong with traditional video call apps:

This is the path that the sound of your piano takes to your student during a traditional video call

1ON1 Piano Solves The Problem!

However, 1ON1 Piano avoids the sound problems of the traditional video call by connecting your pianos to one another over the internet. In other words, 1ON1 Piano enables you to play your student’s piano through a video call, and that’s why 1ON1 Piano sounds so much better. There is no compression, and you are not limited by the tiny speakers and microphone that your student may have. You don’t even have to invest in expensive audio equipment yourself. You just need a digital piano and your favorite device (iPad, Android, iPhone, or Mac). With 1ON1 Piano, your online piano lesson really will sound as good as if you were right there playing your student’s piano!

1ON1 Piano skips all the compression and enables you to play the other users piano

It Gets Better…

Perhaps best of all is that 1ON1 Piano is simple to use, with the video call tools that you need most. Features include video, audio, easy camera switching, screen sharing, annotation, and integrated document sharing cloud. Onboarding a student is simple, and there are no confusing links or codes to enter. 1ON1 Piano is also a software application rather than a web app, that is available on MacOS, iOS, and Android. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether it will work, and whether your student can use the app with you. If you have an acoustic piano and are not ready to try digital yet, 1ON1 Piano provides high quality peer-to-peer audio with low latency so that you can enjoy its features with traditional pianos as well. Try 1ON1 Piano Today!

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Hear The Difference

Watch and listen as Paul demonstrates the difference between 1ON1 Piano and Traditional Video Chat

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