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Whatever device your student uses, they can enjoy a piano lesson with lossless sound quality.

1ON1 Piano is NOT a web app that runs in your browser. It is a dedicated app that can be downloaded on the Apple App Store for both Mac and iOS, as well as the Google Play Store for Androids. That means it will run smoothly on Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and Android tablets, and you can mix any of those devices in a session, so you are guaranteed compatibility with your students. This is the first of many reasons why you should switch to 1ON1 Piano.


You and your students will spend time learning piano, not learning how to use the app.

Layout is intuitive with a page for settings, a page for your video call session, and a page for your library. That’s it. We used intuitive buttons that you are used to seeing and your students will know how to use. Student onboarding is easy too. You simply add students to your contacts using their email address and you can begin teaching them. They will stay in your contacts as long as they are your student and there will be no confusion over what link to use.

Sound Quality

1ON1 Piano is the only Online Video Calling App that can offer lossless sound quality

1ON1 Piano features high-quality sound with low latency. When you teach on acoustic pianos, it streams high quality sound without having to plug in complicated equipment, and when you connect digital pianos, you can play your student’s piano during the call, so that the sound comes from their piano with lossless quality rather than from their phone or tablet. When your pianos are connected, latency is so low you can play duets, just like being there in person!


1ON1 Piano is Purpose Built for Online Piano Lessons

1ON1 Piano is made for piano teaching. It switches between screen sharing and camera views quickly and easily so that you can alternate between showing your student the lesson material, your face, and your hands. It has the essential features you need including annotation, screen sharing, video calling, and a cloud where you can share your lesson materials markings instantly with your student so that they can always locate the lesson content.


We Know What its Like to Teach Piano Online

1ON1 Piano is made by people who teach piano. We use our app, and it shows. Our customer support knows what it’s like to teach piano and can help you through the challenges. Plus, we’re always improving our app as we use it to teach our students. We’re thrilled to share our invention with you. Make the switch today, and join our community of teachers that enjoy the best online piano lessons.

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