1ON1 Piano App

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How do I get started?

Download 1ON1 Piano from the app store (Apple Store or Google Play) Create a 1ON1 Piano account by signing in on your device. If you are a teacher, click the subscription tool and purchase your preferred plan. Locate your contacts and send an invite. As a student, accept your teacher’s invite to begin your first …

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How does 1ON1 Piano work?

1ON1 Piano works by synchronizing piano-to-piano data with video chat so that you are connected to the other user’s piano in real time during a lesson. You start by downloading 1ON1 Piano any of the following devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. When you open 1ON1 Piano, it guides you through the …

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How do I get the app?

Go to the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store, and type “1ON1 Piano”, or follow these links.

What is piano-to-piano?

Piano-to-piano means that while connected to one another over the internet, two pianos can send and receive data to and from each other, allowing one piano to play the other, and vice versa. Instead of capturing the audio with a microphone and reproducing it with speakers like normal video chat, piano-to-piano sends data from one …

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What is 1ON1 Piano?

1ON1 Piano is an app that uses piano-to-piano technology to teach and play piano online with excellent clarity of sound.