How does 1ON1 Piano work?

1ON1 Piano works by synchronizing piano-to-piano data with video chat so that you are connected to the other user’s piano in real time during a lesson. You start by downloading 1ON1 Piano any of the following devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. When you open 1ON1 Piano, it guides you through the process of connecting your piano so that you won’t need any technical background to enjoy the incredible quality of piano-to-piano technology. Piano-to-piano is efficient, so you won’t need high bandwidth, and latency is very low. You won’t need a mic to pick up the piano, and the sound won’t be coming from the tiny speakers on the other users phone, tablet, or laptop; instead the sound comes from something made for music: the users instrument! What this means for teachers is that during a session, they can demonstrate tone quality, articulation, phrasing, and more just as well online as in person. 1ON1 Piano brings piano-to-piano to all the major brands of piano through its setup assistant, videos, and compatibility with the devices that people already have.

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